Fellowship for Christian Stewardship is a voluntary youth fellowship that begins with a heart commitment to becoming a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. The program is built upon four areas of regard for Christian stewardship, namely personal finance, business leadership and work ethic, sexuality and health, and vocation as God’s calling. Confirmed high school age students who are members of St. Luke’s will be asked to sign a Fellowship Covenant which will require demonstrated pursuit of the completion of the four foundation modules and pursuit of goals in the arena of the six marks of Christian discipleship. A mentor will be assigned to help guide the student through keeping the goals of the covenant. Moreover, the fellowship is endowed by the Christian Stewardship Education Fund to promote individual savings by contributing $250 to every student beginning in 6th grade who has an Educational Savings Account (ESA). In 9th grade, a member of FCS may join a matching fund program for an ESA, tied to members’ personal earnings and successful keeping of the covenant.


St. Luke's in Saxonburg, PA is hosting an event Feb. 26,2019, that will be of particular interest to parents of high school youth and for those contemplating education beyond a high school diploma.


Beverly Miller, a lay leader in our mission district and a member of the NALC Stewardship Team, will provide invaluable information to assist college students to graduate DEBT-FREE.

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  September 2021  
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