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October 23, 2017


Dear Church Members and Friends of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church,


            Our church bears the name of the great Reformer, Martin Luther, who rediscovered the basic teaching of Jesus in the New Testament and used every means available of his time to spread the Good News.  Getting back to the basics of following Jesus meant a great number of reforms to the practices of the Church 500 years ago. 

            Among them was the reality that salvation was a free-gift of grace to believers by the work of Jesus Christ and one received it with faith in him.  A person’s self-worth or true identity is not what he or she does or possesses, but in what God alone promises through Jesus Christ.  Money or worldly success is not the Lord of life, but receiving God’s gift of life and sharing it with the neighbor and building up the community is the call of our Lord!  God is our only true treasure and therefore through faith in Him we are free to live generous lives.

Before the Reformation movement, Christians gave money to the institution of the church so that God would be persuaded or appeased to grant mercy or wishes based on what kind of gift the giver gave to the church!  But now the Church teaches what Jesus taught--He alone offers the mercy and grace every one of us needs!  The Church tells the good news that God can’t be bought. 

Out of thanksgiving for Jesus Christ, the believer strives for the tithe or 10% of labor’s reward, but many workers would be better off to give less so that they can properly meet their needs and others need to give more to keep wealth from becoming an idol, leading many to abandon following the Lord.

             But, by faith alone in the word of God, we can become generous givers who follow the Lord!  Giving out of thanksgiving for what we have first received and joining the church by giving it support to share the good news (Matt. 10:10; Luke 10:7: I Cor. 9:6-14; 1 Tim. 5:17-18) and offering to help the church’s mission to help those who need help the most (I Tim 6:17-19; 2 Cor. 8-9).

            Let’s celebrate the Reformation with God’s Word that frees our hearts and minds from the worry over money.  Let’s step out in faith for the one who provides for us and return the blessing with generous and cheerful financial support to the Gospel through St. Luke’s “2017 Current Ministry Budget.” It shares the Good News in word and deed, helping those who need help!  We are significantly behind our 2017 Current Ministry Budget this year.  As a committed member or friend of the Church, please make this your giving priority for the rest of the year. 

            Freedom to live generously is one of the gifts of the Reformation!  Happy 500th to the people of God!


Yours in Christ’s Service,

Pastor Keller

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