The Wittenberg Door


Reformation Celebration 2017

Post your story!

How has your life been changed by faith in

Jesus Christ, the Word of God made Flesh?

       500 years ago, God called a German monk, named Martin Luther, to change the world by preaching with an exclusive focus on the teaching and work of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.  The result?  A renewed faith placed solely in Jesus Christ and the birth of the Protestant Reformation. 

             As part of a year-long celebration of this 500th anniversary, St. Luke’s introduces to the community a Wittenberg Door display. Not just intended to help us remember the past, the Wittenberg Door display celebrates how faith in Jesus Christ is reforming people’s lives even today.  God’s Word still has the power to change lives, hearts and minds--to worship God first and to love and serve others. 

 You are invited to post and read stories of how faith in Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh, has changed lives!

 The Wittenberg Door Display was made possible by the St. Luke’s Memorial Fund and through the leadership and efforts of many church members.  True to the spirit of the Reformation, the door in the display was the old St. Luke’s church door, now reformed into a work of art!

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