Centennial Hall

Use of the church property should first support the gospel ministry of St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church.
St. Luke's mission is to support Christ-centered ministry in the community, which may include non-church related activities.

The church cannot rent property for a profit. This policy provides recommended minimum donation amounts and rules for the use of rooms in both Centennial Hall and the Church. These donation amounts are set to help recover the cost of utilities along with wear and tear incurred by the use of the church property. A $100 security deposit is required for the use of Centennial Hall.

In general, property use should be compatible with the mission of St. Luke's. Permission for use of the property is at the discretion of the Office Manager and Pastor, with questions being referred to church council. The basic use policy is as follows:

Use by community groups and members is allowed.

Property use by for-profit groups or organizations is not permitted except by approval of council.

Fund-raising use by non-profits is discouraged.

Parking is for church building use and can be used for short term parking and special community events by permission. At this time daily parking or overnight parking by any individual or organization is prohibited.

All property use arrangements must be made through the St. Luke's Office Manager who may be reached by telephone at (724) 352-2333 or by email at stlukechurch@consolidated.net. or by printing these forms (2, 3) and sending them to PO Box 187, Saxonburg, PA 16056.

Minimum Donation Amounts
A. Centennial Hall

  Non-member   Hall  $100    Hall w/ Kitchen  $125

  Member   Hall  $65 (with or without kitchen)

B. Hattie Cooper Room (rear of Centennial Hall)

  Non-member   $65

  Member   $65 

C. Fellowship Hall (Church Basement)


Non-member  $65