Worship Life Ministry


Acolytes attend to the duty of lighting the candles in God’s house (the church).  The term “acolyte” means "attendant”. In the early church, these attendants often carried letters and gifts on behalf of church leaders. Later they took on the duty of being candle bearers in worship services and this tradition continues in the Lutheran Church today.

Altar Guild

The altar guild is a gift of time and talent to serve God in His house.  The duty of the altar guild is to prepare all the things necessary for the celebration of the communion and baptism.  This includes care for the altar, vestments, vessels, candles and altar linens of the parish. 

Assisting Ministers

Assisting Ministers are members of the congregation who provides leadership during specific parts of the worship service and assists the presiding minister with communion preparation and distribution; leads prayers and readings; assists with special events as needed. The participation of an assisting minister symbolizes that everyone gathered for Sunday morning worship plays an essential role in the liturgy. Though the pastor has the particular role of preaching and presiding at the Lord’s Table, the entire service involves all of God’s people and is incomplete without everyone’s participation.

Banner Ministry

St. Luke’s tradition of hanging banners on the walls of the sanctuary has transpired from the old felt banners to newer more beautiful and colorful ones.  In total we have 13 two-sided banners for a total of 26 individual banners for the various seasons of the church year. 

Comfort at Christmas

A special service in Advent to remember loved ones in the past year. Invitations are given to those who have lost a loved one. Service held about five years in December.  It allows St. Luke’s to show God’s love and witness to bereaved members and the community.

Decorating Ministry

Decorating Ministry uses its God-given gifts and talents to “set the tone” to create a beautiful, worshipful environment that reflects God’s handiwork in nature. This goal especially, in our sanctuary without it being distracting to worship. Above all, we want to creatively glorify God in the way we decorate at St. Luke’s Church.

During the year the church is decorated at Easter and Christmas.  At those times flowers are purchased from a local greenhouse and a group of volunteers use them to decorate the space.  Additionally at Christmas, the decorating ministry beautifies the church with many traditional decorations including a nativity, Christmas trees, greenery, etc.  Decoration are kept in the basement closet.  The outside of the Church is also decorated with spring and Christmas wreaths and a large nativity.

Hymn Picking

The Hymn Picking Committee meets several times a year to select hymns for the worship services.  The committee aims to select songs that support the Scripture and songs that would open the hearts of our parishioners to hearing the word of the Lord.  We also try to select hymns that satisfy both the older and younger members of our congregation.


The role of a lector is to proclaim the Word to the people of God. It is a ministry in which we are privileged to participate. It calls for sacrifice — an investment in time and energy to effectively communicate the sacred scriptures to the people.  The mission of the Lector Ministry is to rouse the faith of the assembly and inspire them to discipleship by proclaiming the Word of the Lord with clarity and conviction.

Music & Sound

Music ministry is a service to God that supports the sermon by leading the congregation through song.  Other essential roles include gathering people for the beginning of a service, unifying a group for worship, providing segues between parts of a service and entertaining the congregation.  Our Music Ministry has included an organists, trombonists, guitarists, violinists, vocalists and others.