Our Beliefs

St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church is committed both to honoring our history and embracing new ways to equip our members to be disciples of Jesus Christ in today's world.

Our Lutheran heritage, expressed by the Reformation slogan-- "only by God's Word, only by grace, only by faith are we saved" --guides our approach to the Christian life. God's grace at work in our lives profoundly gives us our identity and calling to serve and love the world God first loved in Jesus Christ.

Our vision statement, "Guided by the Holy Spirit to share God's loving grace through discipleship; strengthening faith through the word, family, fellowship and giving--" expresses our vision to guide our current approaches to ministry. By prayer, faithful and generous giving of time, talent and finances by our membership, our ministry through St. Luke's makes a loving difference in the world.

St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church is a fellowship of God's people that has committed itself to:

  • Faithful Christian discipleship and Godly living,
  • Christian Outreach and community leadership,
  • Faithful Gospel partnership and cooperation with other Christian congregations,
  • The fulfillment of Christ's Great Commission and command to love.

Trusting in the grace of God and believing in the power of the Holy Spirit, we join hands in Christian ministry and commit ourselves to:

Faithfully preaching and teaching God's word; Administering the Sacraments in accordance with the Gospel; Offering compassionate and supportive care to the ill and the distressed; Providing opportunities for Christian growth and daily discipleship; Spreading God's Word and God's Love to all the world.