Property Ministry

St. Luke’s Church property consists of four lots totaling a little over one acre on which sits the Church proper, Centennial Hall, garage/storage shed, playground and Abba’s House.

The playground was recently (2019) refreshed with a new play set and mulch.  This area is used frequently in the summer by local children and their parents. 

Centennial Hall and the Church proper (including grounds and parking lots) are maintained and enhanced by the congregation.  Currently contracts for services (garbage, snow removal, etc.), inspections (fire extinguishers, elevator, etc.), and repair/improvements are completed through the office with the guidance and support of the Church Council. 

General maintenance of all the facilities falls upon the office.  When issues are identified they are reported to the office to be fixed.  The office is then responsible to contact someone to correct the issues, which range from burnt out lightbulbs to leaking roofs and everything in between. 

Garden Ministry

The grounds of St. Luke’s are beautiful and that is due to the wonderful Garden Ministry.  This group of parishioners works hard every year to keep the gardens around the church and hall looking neat and full of colorful flowers.  They notify the church office when issues arise or if there is a need. 

Spring/Fall Clean-Up

In the spring and the fall (if needed), a clean-up day is organized to refresh the church and grounds.  Volunteers are requested to spend a few hours working on a list of items complied by the Parish Coordinator.